A little bit about me...


Hi, my name is Paul Elliott & I am a Stroke Survivor.

On Saturday 21st January 2017, at the age of 33, I suffered a stroke.

I know what you're thinking...'surely you were too young?'. Well thats what I thought too. I, like the vast majority of people, had always assumed that strokes only affected people in their 50's & 60's. How wrong I was. Throughout my 20's & into my early 30's, the thought of having a stroke had never once crossed my mind. Why should it have?

I am writing this blog as part of my way of dealing with what has happened, I have read that people find it therapeautic to write down their experiences as a way to help, not just themselves but other people too who are maybe finding it a struggle. I want those people to know that they are not alone, as I have found out myself.

I would love to hear from fellow survivors my email address is - elwah1983@hotmail.com.

One thing I have found since having my stroke is that there is a very supportive community of medical professionals & fellow survivors who are more than happy to offer advice & answer any questions/concerns - I would like to add myself to that list as I know first-hand how frightening, isolating & confusing this can all be.

Please take the time to read my blog if you can, it will include posts of my experiences before, during & after my stroke.